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US Air Force unveils new B-21 Raider nuclear stealth bomber

The US Air Force has unveiled its newest nuclear stealth bomber, the B-21, which will gradually replace aircraft first flown in the Cold War. 


Jiang Zemin: Former Chinese leader dies aged 96

China's former leader Jiang Zemin, who came to power after the Tiananmen Square protests, has died at 96. 



China Covid: Police clamp down after days of protests

China's protests against Covid restrictions which erupted over the weekend appear to have died down, as authorities begin clamping down. 


"Golden era is over", says British PM as tensions with China mount over journalist attack claims

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said that China poses a "systemic challenge" to UK" values and interests" during his first major speech on foreign policy since taking office in October. 


Other news

Winter Silkfest begins!

On December 3, dial *202#, visit the MySilknet app or directly from the website, activate the first Winter Silkfest offer. Choose for yourself or any other Silknet phone number:


Chikori Enters French Market

The demand for Georgian dried fruit on international markets is increasing. The product manufactured by the company "Kareli Fruits" under the brand "Chikori" was recently exported to France.


Government of Adjara Plans to Invest 150 Million GEL in Sports Infrastructure

In 2023, more than 150 million GEL will be spent on sports infrastructure, and sports infrastructure will be built in all six municipalities of Adjara.


Mikheil Chkhenkeli: Several Georgian Scientists Already Obtained Funding from Horizon Europe

The Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Mikheil Chkhenkeli, during his speech in the legislative body in the minister's hour format, introduced the projects supporting the internationalization of science and the achieved results to the deputies.