Georgia-based technology company TNET has developed a super app that aims to provide the best user experience possible. According to Nika Chilindrishvili, head of product development at TNET, the super app will combine almost all services and products offered by TNET's platforms, as well as services from partner companies.

"At this stage, Super App combines such services and products as online shopping, discount vouchers and discounts, international and local event tickets and payments," says Chilindrishvili. The application will provide a feedback mechanism to help the company improve its services.

Moreover, TNET is in negotiations with various representatives of the business sector, including taxi and pharmaceutical companies, to integrate new services into the Super App and diversify the product.

In addition to making life easier for users, the Super App also offers great opportunities for businesses. For companies that do not want to engage in development, the Super App allows them to easily join the platform and distribute their content within the scope of TNET's open API strategy, reaching its 2 million users.

"We remind you that TNET is the largest technological ecosystem in Georgia, consisting of 10 platforms and 5 mobile applications," says the company's spokesperson. Super App is expected to offer users more services in the future, including car rental, cryptocurrency exchange, public and government services, financial services, and more.