Yerevan fears Western sanctions for cooperation with Russia, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said.

“Where there is an opportunity, we are happy to meet Russian demand. Sanctions are our red line. And we say this very clearly to Russia: we do not want to harm you, but we cannot afford to be sanctioned ourselves. There is no secret here ", - says the head of government.

According to him, due to the events in Ukraine, the logistics chains of cargo transportation have been disrupted or do not function at all, and many goods that were delivered directly to Russia are now going there through third countries.

“We are a member of the EAEU and have very close economic ties with Russia, and Armenian business loves to participate in programs that have been created recently,” Pashinyan said.

The Armenian prime minister added that Yerevan strives to be transparent in relation to sanctioned goods, cooperates with the EU, the USA and Russia.

In early March, Pashinyan said that Armenia was not helping Moscow bypass Western sanctions.