The Zemo Larsi checkpoint connecting Georgia to Russia has experienced a significant increase in the number of vehicles passing through it in the past day and night.

According to the North Caucasus Customs Department, the number of cars registered in Russia leaving Georgia as of 06:00 on March 10 was 1,788, while 824 cars came from Russia. This indicates a doubling of the number of vehicles passing through the checkpoint from the previous day when 993 vehicles left Georgia and 969 entered Russia.

It's worth noting that the Georgian military road, which connects Georgia and Russia, had restricted movement due to bad weather, effective from March 5. However, the restriction was lifted on March 9, allowing all types of transport to move freely, leading to the increased traffic at the Zemo Larsi checkpoint.

Despite the increase in traffic, there are no queues at the Lars checkpoint from both directions. This information was spread by Russian publications, based on the data provided by the North Ossetian Caucasus Customs Division.