VESOD, an outstanding Italian muralist, had his work displayed in the capital within the Tbilisi Mural Fest. 

The artist dedicated his work to the story of Medea and Jason, and you can view it at the intersection of Tabidze and Lermontov streets in Sololaki district.

“The painting is inspired by the figure of Medea and her myth, which is said to be set in Georgia. The scene portrays the moment in which she prepares the potion for Jason. Compared to the painting by John William Waterhouse from which she draws inspiration is Medea, placed in a dominant position, is the main figure, who, in an almost maternal way, provides the Greek hero with the opportunity to realize his ambition,” reads the description.

Organizers chose dancers of the Georgian National Ballet as models for Medea and Jason. The project was generously supported by the Embassy of Italy to Georgia.