Georgian sweet producer, Chirifruit, has received a specific offer from Germany after returning from the international sweets exhibition held in Berlin at the end of January. The nibbles made with Georgian dried fruit and chocolate attracted the attention of foreign visitors, and the Germans were interested in the production of "Chirifruit".

Sofia Jikia, co-founder of Chirifruit, told BusinessPartner that they have an order from the Germans to include the sweets produced by them in trade networks throughout the European Union. However, the Germans requested that the product be sugar-free and without any additives. As a result, the company is now working on what type and quantity of sweets they will create to fulfill this order. This will be the first time in the history of the company that they will export their products, and they are taking extra care to prepare for the negotiation process to ensure its success.

During the exhibition in Berlin, Chirifruit presented about 10 types of Georgian products, including a completely new candy made especially for the event. According to Jikia, tbileu, made with a combination of dried fruit and chocolate, is becoming increasingly popular in international markets. In parallel with the growth in international markets, the popularity of the products made with the combination of dried fruit and chocolate is also increasing in Georgia.

Over the past 5-6 years, the number of small enterprises that produce this product with local and imported raw materials has increased to about 20. "Chirifruit" produces about 90 types of dried fruits and currently employs around 20 people.