Khomli Ushelouri, recognized as Georgia's most expensive wine, is set to make its mark in Germany come spring.

This exceptional wine, cultivated in Lechkhumi and produced in Tskaltubo's village of Gwishtib, has already graced the shelves of London's prestigious Hedonism Wines store. Tamaz Omanadze, the founder of the wine company, shared with Business Partner that Khomli Ushelouri is among the highest-priced offerings at Hedonism Wines and is poised for a similar premium placement in the German market.

Omanadze emphasized their focus on enhancing marketing campaigns in well-developed markets to elevate Georgian wine's global presence and establish its unique niche.

"For three consecutive years, our wine has commanded a top-tier price in Britain. It's an honor for any entrepreneur, especially a Georgian, to be featured in Hedonism Wines, located near Buckingham Palace. We've completed negotiations, and we're set to introduce Khomli Ushelouri to Germany from this spring. The initial agreement is in place, with just a few bureaucratic formalities left," Omanadze explained.

In London, Khomli Ushelouri fetches an impressive 900 pounds. In Germany, the wine is expected to be priced around 1050 euros.

The Georgian market offers similar wines at much lower prices. A bottle of "No-name beer" exceeds 1600 GEL, with "Tsolikauri" reaching up to 500 GEL. These wines are showcased in "8000 Harvests" and the "Wine Gallery."

In 2022, the company's collectible wine was sold for 3000 GEL at "Ghvini Gallery."

Khomli Marani, established in 2010, specializes in bio/organic Kvevri wines made using ancient Georgian traditional methods. The vineyards, spanning about 1 hectare on Khvamli Mountain's slopes, are tended by hand without machinery. The annual production ranges from 500 to 1500 bottles. "Usakhalouri" has been certified organic since 2013.