Irakli Gaprindashvili, the founder of "Satibe", shares his ambitious plans to transform the village into a vibrant tourist center and bread road.

A few years ago, a unique settlement named "Satibe" was established in the village of Orbeti, which now consists of 240 families. Its founder, Irakli Gaprindashvili, spoke with BM.GE about the origins of the idea and how the pandemic inspired him to embrace a life closer to nature, away from the city's chaos.

"Satibe" is far from an ordinary settlement. In addition to hosting various themed "celebrations," the community also offers educational and recreational events. This open space welcomes everyone and continues to expand with new ideas and developmental directions. According to Gaprindashvili, the primary goal is to create recreational areas, develop tourism, and provide visitors with entertainment, food, and hospitality.

The community will soon open "Sapour" cafe and an open bakery museum, offering workshops and ultimately transforming the area into a bread road. "Satibe" will also host an array of events in the upcoming season, including a three-day international literary festival in collaboration with the National Library of Georgia and a film festival.

Despite the challenges in implementing the project, Gaprindashvili emphasizes their ongoing work on Orbeti's gen-plan, aiming for organized development rather than the chaos typically seen in other villages. The gen-plan will benefit not only "Satibe" but also the entire Orbeti village. Gaprindashvili believes that upon completion of all projects, "Satibe" will become a significant tourist attraction in the Tetritskaro municipality.

The residents of "Satibe" currently use personal funds to maintain essential services such as gas, water, electricity, and roads. The settlement is divided into separate areas, from Satibe 1 to Satibe 6, with cooperatives overseeing the development of their respective territories under Gaprindashvili's guidance.