“NATO is not taking effective steps to join Ukraine, and we, Georgia, must first of all think about ourselves, and this example is a lesson for us,” Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili said, commenting on the NATO summit in Vilnius.

“They presented a picture as if a miracle happened at the NATO summit: Ukraine has already de-occupied its territories, won, and Georgia remained outside of all this. What actually happened, besides saying they didn't need MAP?

We have heard statements that Ukraine will not be able to become a member of NATO until it defeats Russia. And then I have a question, if Ukraine defeats Russia, then why does it need NATO membership?

NATO is the guarantor of security, the alliance that can guarantee the security of any sovereign, independent state is NATO, there is no better umbrella organization in the world today, which is why we strive to become a NATO member.

However, we have also heard direct statements from Western leaders that Ukraine is not ready to become a member of NATO. That while Ukraine is at war with Russia, it cannot become a member of NATO, why? Because, according to them, they will not be able to allow a third world war, that is, NATO and the entire Western world cannot enter into a direct conflict, a military confrontation with Russia,” the Prime Minister of Georgia said.