Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili announced today during a government meeting that Georgia will henceforth allow Chinese citizens to enter the country without a visa. This landmark decision aims to bolster tourism and fortify economic ties between Georgia and the world's second-largest economy.

Garibashvili expressed optimism that the new policy would notably augment the influx of Chinese tourists to Georgia. "We are also vigorously exploring other markets with the intent of amplifying tourist numbers," the Prime Minister stated. "As many are aware, I recently undertook a highly successful diplomatic mission to China. The purpose of this visit, along with the subsequent signing of a strategic cooperation agreement, was to enhance our trade and economic relationships and attract further investments into Georgia."

He added that the visa exemption for Chinese nationals is designed to act as a catalyst for tourism. "Initiating a visa-free regime for Chinese citizens as of today serves as a pivotal incentive to attract a larger number of tourists to our nation. It's worth noting that Chinese visitors are highly sought after in various countries due to their economic impact," Garibashvili concluded.