Georgian citizen Levan Dotiashvili, illegally detained by Russian occupiers on the demarcation line near the village of Kirbali, Gori municipality, has been released from the Tskhinvali detention center and is in territory controlled by the central government of Georgia.

“The issue of the immediate and unconditional release of Levan Dotiashvili was actively discussed on November 6 at a meeting held in the village of Ergneti, Gori municipality, which was attended by representatives of the Tskhinvali region, Russian occupation forces and the EU observer mission.

When communicating about the release of an illegally detained person, intensive use was made of both the hotline mechanism and all other tools available to the central government. International partners were actively involved in the negotiations.

The central government continues to actively work to bring to justice those involved in the murder of Tamaz Ginturi. Work is also underway to release all Georgian citizens illegally imprisoned in the occupied territories,” the State Security Service of Georgia said in a statement.

Let us recall that on November 6, in the vicinity of the village of Kirbali, Gori municipality, Georgian citizen Tamaz Ginturi was killed and Levan Dotiashvili was detained by the Russian military.