SOS Auto will allow users to call an evacuator and auto assistant using the Uber model. About a year ago, one of the founders had to wait for several hours for an evacuator, that's when the idea was born, and now they have a company growing rapidly. 

SOS Auto is now participating in the pre-acceleration program of Impact Hub Tbilisi. We asked Natia Shubitidze, Co-founder & CEO of SOS Auto, about their goals:

''Our goal is to become the largest car assistance company in Georgia and not only, and to completely digitize this service. Let's make getting roadside assistance quick and easy. The user should be able to call the nearest help with one click, and the executor should perform more orders at lower costs,'' said the co-founder of SOS Auto.

As we learn, one of the most noteworthy services, SOS Auto plans to add, is emergency assistance for your vehicle. You can call a tow truck from their website. Various road services will be gradually added: such as calling a driver, unlocking a locked car, fuel delivery, car parking, and any service you need for roadside assistance throughout Georgia 24/7. Besides, it will be possible to use discount vouchers and insurance in SOS situations, both in the app and on the website.

Recently, SOS Auto became the winner of the Startup drive of the joint project of TEGETA and Future laboratory, and the startup received investment. ''We are already operating in the market to some extent. Our application will be launched in a few months, and before that, you can visit our website and follow the news. So far our goal is to increase brand awareness,'' said Natia Shubitidze.