On June 27, the association "Anika" launched the project "Assistive Technologies for the Independent Life of Disabled People" in Georgia, providing new employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities through modern technologies. The program aims to increase their independence and promote their integration into the workforce.

Under this initiative, people with disabilities will undergo a three-day training session conducted by Kamil Matha, the founder of Consort Georgia, an international trainer hailing from Dubai. Participants will learn to utilize innovative technologies that are entirely new to Georgia, catering to various disabilities and unique needs.

One of the remarkable technologies introduced is a specialized keyboard featuring a large font, designed specifically for individuals with visual impairments, limited hand movement, or speech difficulties. Moreover, groundbreaking advancements enable users to control computer programs through head movements, mouse actions, eye tracking, and other innovative methods.

Supported by the United States Agency for International Development's (USAID) economic security program, the "Anika" association kick-started this six-month project. The primary objective is to enhance the level of independence among disabled individuals and foster their inclusion in the workforce.

During the three-month internship period, which will be conducted in partner businesses, assistive technologies will be tailored to the individual needs of 15 participants. By considering their unique requirements, these adjustments will allow them to fully benefit from the innovative tools provided. The project aims to expand its reach and involve a greater number of disabled individuals in the future.

Established in 1997 by parents of children with disabilities, the association "Anika" is dedicated to creating equal opportunities and conducive conditions for people with disabilities. Their mission is to facilitate a dignified and independent life for individuals facing various challenges.

The "Assistive Technologies for the Independent Life of Disabled People" project represents a significant step forward in empowering disabled individuals in Georgia. By equipping them with innovative tools and providing comprehensive training, this initiative offers newfound employment prospects and paves the way for increased independence. Through collaborations with partner businesses, the project ensures a supportive environment where assistive technologies can be seamlessly integrated, fostering a more inclusive workforce. As the program progresses, the association "Anika" aims to extend its impact to benefit a larger segment of the disabled community, ultimately striving for a society that values and embraces diversity in all aspects of life.