Between January and August, Georgia witnessed a robust increase in wine exports, generating revenues of $169.33 million—a 15.6% uptick compared to the same timeframe last year.

Global sales encompassed 58,697 metric tons of natural grape wines, further reinforcing the country's reputation as a prominent wine exporter.

Russia continues to dominate as Georgia's primary wine market, accounting for 66.2% of the total wine exports. Specifically, Georgia shipped 41,357 tons of wine to Russia, valued at $112.11 million, marking a 24% year-over-year increase in exports to the nation.

Top 10 Wine Export Destinations by Revenue and Volume:
Russia: $112.1 million, 41,357 tons
Poland: $9.1 million, 3,625 tons
Ukraine: $8.8 million, 3,159 tons
China: $7.7 million, 2,176 tons
Kazakhstan: $6 million, 1,912 tons
Belarus: $5.4 million, 1,922 tons
USA: $3.4 million, 540 tons
Germany: $2.9 million, 648 tons
Latvia: $2.5 million, 754 tons
Lithuania: $1.4 million, 439 tons
Sales growth was observed in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Germany, and Latvia, while a decline was noted in markets such as Poland, China, the USA, and Lithuania.

Wine Imports into Georgia:
Contrary to its strong export performance, Georgia's wine imports are relatively meager. Within the first eight months of the current year, the country imported 397 tons of wine, valued at $3.21 million. France led the import market, contributing the most substantial share.

Top 5 Wine Importing Countries:
France: $1.2 million, 64 tons
Italy: $939,000, 141 tons
Lithuania: $243,000, 12 tons
Spain: $239,000, 45 tons
Russia: $160,000, 58 tons
By fine-tuning its export strategies and maintaining quality, Georgia aims to further solidify its standing in the global wine market.