Biochimpharm, a phage production company based in Georgia, is set to re-enter the local market in the coming weeks following a major upgrade of its infrastructure. The company plans to introduce its products to the European Union and United States markets as well.

According to Rati Gholijashvili, Biochimpharm's manager, the company has modernized its facilities to meet the EU's Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines, a standard that has been adopted by the company. He further stated that Biochimpharm will seek GMP certification in the coming months.

The company's products include 15 registered items for human health, veterinary purposes, livestock, and agriculture. Biochimpharm is also developing veterinary products to eliminate the irrational use of antibiotics in farming.

Biochimpharm's products are currently sold in eight export markets. However, the company is planning to expand its presence to 80 countries in the near future, including the United States and the European Union.

According to Gholijashvili, Biochimpharm's products provide an effective alternative to traditional antibiotic treatments. The use of antibiotics has been at risk since the 80s due to the increasing problem of antibiotic resistance, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Biochimpharm's bacteriophages offer a solution to this problem.

The company has invested 17 million GEL to renovate its production base, which has been producing these drugs for over 70 years since the Soviet period. After the renovation, Biochimpharm plans to reintroduce its products to the Georgian market, including its popular product, Fagio, which is known for its effectiveness in pediatrics.

Biochimpharm's renewal highlights the revival of a forgotten remedy in modern times. The company's expansion plans and commitment to addressing the problem of antibiotic resistance are expected to make a significant impact in the pharmaceutical industry.