Georgia's National Tourism Administration has launched a new tourist portal,, as part of the country's digital transformation project. The website was developed after extensive research and analysis of tourist portals from 70 countries and includes about 3,200 articles in Georgian and English languages.

The portal features an interactive map that allows visitors to filter regions and places of interest, plan hikes and hiking tours, and access information about adventure tourism in Georgia. The website also includes a unified database of long-distance transport, enabling visitors to plan trips by rail, bus, minibus, and other means of transport.

In addition, the website features a calendar of interesting tourist events throughout Georgia, highlighting the country's rich cultural and historical offerings. The National Tourism Administration collaborated with private sector companies and various agencies to upload comprehensive information on the website.

The website is fully accessible for people with disabilities and includes a positioning strategy for search engine optimization and digital advertising to attract targeted visitors.

Maia Omiadze, head of the National Tourism Administration of Georgia, emphasized the importance of the new portal in promoting Georgia's tourism products to potential visitors worldwide. She highlighted the portal's many useful and interesting tools, including the ability for users to build their personal journey on an interactive map and plan a trip to different locations in Georgia.

Since its launch, the main tourist portal of Georgia has already received 18 million unique visitors from 200 countries. The website was developed with the help of partner companies, including MKT Mentor, Clipart, Artmedia, and others.

The launch of the new tourist portal is a significant step towards promoting Georgia's unique offerings to potential visitors around the world. The portal's comprehensive information and interactive features provide visitors with a complete and immersive experience of Georgia's rich cultural, historical, and natural attractions.