American travel and entertainment publication Best Life advises its readers to travel to Georgia and visit the National Museum of Georgia. In Zachary Mack's article "10 Best Museums to Visit", the National Museum of Georgia was among the leading museums in the world.

According to the National Tourism Administration, the article describes the museums of Georgia, USA, Holland, Greece, Turkey, New Zealand, Israel, Turkey and Egypt.

''There's no corner of the planet that doesn't have a history of its own. But in the case of the Georgian National Museum, experts say visitors may be surprised to learn just how far-reaching of an influence the former Soviet republic has had even beyond its own borders,'' Zachary writes.

The article quotes National Geographic travel writer Joe Yogerst. Joe Yogerst traveled to Georgia at the invitation of the National Tourism Administration and prepared an article about Tbilisi for the National Geographic special guide.

"Founded in 2004, [the Georgian National Museum] assembled the collections of a dozen museums in one place and illuminates Georgia's pivotal role in the history of the Middle East, Europe, and the Caucasus region," says Yogerst. "The most stunning exhibits are the Archeological Treasury, which displays incredible gold and silver relics from Georgia's prehistoric kingdoms, and the Soviet Occupation Hall, which details the nation's subjugation by the Soviet Union from 1921 to 1991, the systematic murder of dissidents, and a campaign to wipe out Georgian culture."