TBC Insurance, a leading insurance company, has launched a new initiative called "Mental Vacation" for its employees. Starting from March 27th, employees of TBC Insurance can enjoy an additional five days of mental leave, in addition to the standard 24 days of vacation per year. This makes TBC Insurance the first company in Georgia and the Caucasus region to introduce this corporate experience and practice of "mental vacation" for employees in the market.

Tea Makharadze, the head of the company's people management department, explained that the idea for "Mental Vacation" came from the company's commitment to caring for its employees. "Caring for employees is one of the important priorities for the company," she said. "We always try to be active in this direction and introduce innovations." Makharadze added that the positive response from employees has been overwhelming, with three employees already applying for the additional leave before its implementation.

TBC Insurance is already known for its commitment to mental health care, having added mental health insurance to its offerings after the pandemic hit. The introduction of "Mental Vacation" further emphasizes the importance of emotional well-being in the company's culture. Makharadze believes that this new offer will encourage TBC Insurance employees to be even more involved and motivated, leading to increased efficiency and a long-term perspective on cooperation with the employer.

While "Mental Vacation" is a new concept in Georgia, Makharadze hopes that other companies will be inspired to follow TBC Insurance's lead. "Perhaps advanced companies will become more active in terms of introducing 'mental leave'," she said. "I will be happy if 'Mental Vacation' is a successful project and becomes a motivation for many companies."