The village of Erisimedi in the scenic Sighnaghi district of Georgia has become home to a flourishing snail farm, thanks to the visionary efforts of the "Snail Garden" company. This remarkable venture has gained momentum with its first successful harvest and subsequent export of products to Italy. The establishment of this unique startup was made possible through strategic financial support, propelling Georgia's snail farming industry into the international market.

Inspired by a visit to a thriving snail farm in Italy, the founders of "Snail Garden" recognized the potential of this innovative business model in Georgia. Setting their sights on introducing snail farming to the region, they undertook a partnership with an investment of 1,200,000 GEL to construct the farm in Sighnaghi. With their extensive knowledge and expertise, the company successfully cultivated a special variety of snails, known as Helix aspersa Müller, renowned not only for their culinary value but also for their use in perfume production.

While the demand for snail products within the Georgian market is relatively modest, "Snail Garden" strategically focuses on export opportunities. Italy, with its affinity for such delicacies, has become their primary export destination. The successful export of their products to Italy underscores the potential for Georgia to tap into international markets and solidifies the country's position as a player in the global snail farming industry.

Akaki Paksadze, the director of "Snail Garden," expressed his gratitude for the support received throughout their journey. "Since our establishment as a startup company in 2021, we have been inspired by the snail farms in Italy. With the dedication and financial support we received, we built a thriving farm in Sighnaghi. While the local demand in Georgia may be limited, we have found success in exporting our products to Italy."

The burgeoning success of "Snail Garden" has been fueled by the shared vision of the founders and the support of local entrepreneurs. By capitalizing on the unique selling proposition of Georgian snails and their potential in international markets, the company has laid the foundation for future growth and expansion. Plans are already underway to establish a cold storage facility and collaborate with other producers, allowing "Snail Garden" to scale up its operations and meet growing export demands.

The achievements of "Snail Garden" not only highlight the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative potential in Georgia but also shed light on the country's diverse agricultural sector. With a fertile environment and a commitment to supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, Georgia is poised to become a significant player in the snail farming industry. The success of "Snail Garden" paves the way for future entrepreneurs to explore unique business opportunities and contribute to the country's economic growth.

As the snail farming industry continues to flourish in Sighnaghi, Georgia, the export of locally cultivated snails to international markets is projected to gain momentum. The success of "Snail Garden" serves as an inspiration to budding entrepreneurs, showcasing the immense potential of niche businesses in the region. By nurturing such innovative ventures, Georgia can foster economic growth, attract foreign investments, and establish itself as a key player in the global snail farming industry.

The story of "Snail Garden" is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and the opportunities that lie within Georgia's agricultural landscape. As the country embraces innovative ventures like snail farming, it strengthens its position as a dynamic and diverse market for unique agricultural products. With visionary entrepreneurs and a supportive ecosystem, Georgia is primed to cultivate more success stories and carve out its niche in the global business arena.