Eight Georgian wineries showcased their natural, organic, and biodynamic wines at the RAW Wine exhibition in Los Angeles, presenting visitors with a taste of ancient traditions and history of production.

The wineries included "Baya Wine", "Iberiuli", "Silavani Winery", "Mushkudiani Winery", "Nikalas Winery", "Anapea", "Simon Chkheidze Winery", and "Velino". This year's exhibition brought together about 80 manufacturers from 14 countries, including France, Great Britain, Spain, Germany, Italy, Chile, and the USA. RAW Wine, also known as The Artisan Wine Fair, is an outstanding exhibition that showcases high-quality natural wines. The event is organized by Isabelle Legeron, a renowned wine expert from France.

The presentation of Georgian wine at such a prestigious international exhibition is a significant boost to the awareness of Georgian wine, providing an opportunity to find potential importers and increase exports. It is worth noting that the US market is a strategic market for Georgian wine, and special importance is attached to promoting it there. The US market is one of the most expensive segments for Georgian wine, with the price of one liter exceeding 6 US dollars.

The Georgian wineries participating in the exhibition were proud to present their wines to visitors, and their efforts were well-received. This exhibition not only allowed for the promotion of Georgian wine but also helped to spread knowledge about the rich history and culture behind its production.

In conclusion, the RAW Wine exhibition in Los Angeles proved to be a remarkable platform for Georgian wineries to showcase their products and expand their reach in the US market. The presentation of natural, organic, and biodynamic wines from Georgia is a promising development for the wine industry, and we can expect to see more growth in the future.