The Bank of Georgia has partnered with Altera Audit to offer a new service that aims to help small and medium-sized businesses automate their tax audit process. The service, called Altera, is designed to identify potential tax risks by analyzing accounting data and offering recommendations for financial accounting.

The first 100 customers to sign up for the program will receive a one-time tax risk assessment with 70% of the fee financed by the Bank of Georgia. Companies that hold a VISA business card will be eligible for the service program.

Rusudan Baratashvili, Director of the Department of Development of Value Added Services for Small and Medium Businesses of the Bank of Georgia, stated that the bank offers customized services and partnerships to their business customers. The Altera service is provided by the audit and consulting company Loialte, and is a unique software that offers users the ability to identify tax risks, determine the probability of a tax audit, and provide recommendations for financial accounting.

This partnership between the Bank of Georgia and Altera Audit offers small and medium-sized businesses the opportunity to streamline their tax audit process and reduce potential tax risks. For more information about the offer and to register, visit the link provided.