German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron voiced their concerns regarding recent developments in Georgia. 

"We, Germany and France, are deeply concerned about the situation in Georgia," the statement began, underscoring the gravity of their apprehension. Scholz and Macron reiterated their countries' strong support for Georgia's integration into the European Union, pointing to their active endorsement of the European Council's decision to grant Georgia candidacy status in December 2023.

However, the joint message took a critical turn as the leaders expressed their disappointment with the Georgian government's recent actions. "It is with deep regret that we take note of the decision of the Georgian government and ruling party to deviate from this path by acting against our common European values and the aspirations of the Georgian people," the statement read. The specific point of contention is the adoption of the so-called "law on transparency of foreign influence," which has sparked controversy and concern both within Georgia and internationally.

Scholz and Macron emphasized the importance of adhering to the principles and values that underpin the European Union, suggesting that the recent legislative move by Georgia's ruling party could jeopardize the country's progress on its European path. "Georgia’s European path has been chartered – but speed and direction of moving forward depend on Georgia," the leaders asserted, signaling that the onus is now on Georgia to align its actions with its stated European ambitions.