Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko is happy about Georgia's “normal relations” with Russia and Belarus. He stated this when commenting on the statements of the Armenian side regarding membership in the CSTO.

“Thank God, Georgia is establishing normal relations, primarily with Russia, with us, the economy is improving. They tried light bread in the West. The Americans have already forgotten about Georgia. As soon as the Georgians began to move in the sense that this was their country as independent and sovereign, the West began to put pressure on them. Including, and above all, the USA. Well, we need to draw the appropriate conclusion. Nobody in the West needs them. There are thousands of problems,” Lukashenko noted.

According to him, today, for example, “in the US, Biden will support Ukraine, Armenia, and so on.”

“Tomorrow the government will change and Trump will say: ‘Listen, I don’t know you. My friends, this is the first time I’ve seen you!’” he added.
A few days ago, Alexander Lukashenko said that Georgia, Moldova and Serbia would be drawn into NATO.