Former NBA star and entrepreneur, Zaza Pachulia, in partnership with the Georgian-American School of Tbilisi, has unveiled the second branch of their collaborative Basketball Academy. Both Pachulia and the school's administration shared the exciting news on Facebook.

Pachulia expressed, "Following the launch of our basketball academy, I realized it could rank among the most significant endeavors of both my athletic and entrepreneurial journey. The swift progress we've achieved took me by surprise, and it's with immense pride that I announce the academy's second branch in Tbilisi. The state-of-the-art facility will nurture up to 400 young talents."

Scheduled to open in October on Shuamti Street, Airport Road, the branch seeks to address the limited access to sports and basketball in the vicinity. Pachulia believes this expansion will not only promote sports but also foster a healthier lifestyle among locals. He shared, "Collaborating with the Georgian-American School holds special significance for me, given my close ties with its leader and former classmate, Levan Gogia. I'm confident our combined efforts will greatly benefit the community, especially its youth."