In Sydney, Australia on Sunday, August 20, the Spanish national team won the Women's World Cup for the first time in history, beating the team of England - the current European champion - with a score of 1:0. The only goal was scored by the captain of the Spanish team Olga Carmona in the 29th minute of the match.

The final match was held at the maximum filled stadium in Sydney - 76 thousand people came to watch the game. The third place at the 2023 Women's World Cup was taken by the Swedish team, the fourth - by the Australian team. The championship was held from July 20 to August 20 in Australia and New Zealand and was held for the ninth time.

Participants of the winning team will receive cash prizes - in total, each player will receive more than 500,000 euros. First, the International Football Federation (FIFA) will pay each Spanish player 270,000 dollars (about 248,000 euros) in bonuses. Secondly, according to media reports, the national football association of Spain agreed on bonus payments to each member of the national team in case of victory in the final of 300 thousand euros.

Thus, the winners of the women's World Cup should receive more bonuses than men at the World Cup in Qatar, where Argentina won in 2022. Then prize payments to the champions amounted to about 400 thousand euros for each.