As a result of an inspection of the Tbilisi and Gori branches of Outpatient Clinic LLC and Health for All 3 LLC, the Agency for Regulating Medical and Pharmaceutical Activities of the Ministry of Health of Georgia found that the institutions illegally wrote out prescriptions for potent psychotropic drugs without any medical examinations.

In the mentioned medical institutions, 3,457 prescriptions for psychotropic drugs were issued without medical indications this year alone, which is an unprecedented number and represents approximately 50% of the total number of prescriptions written in Georgia.

It should be noted that when issuing a prescription, the principles of treatment, dosage and duration are not taken into account. In particular, the doctor prescribed an excessive dose of a psychotropic drug, which caused significant harm to the patient’s health. All protocols and treatment recommendations were violated.

“As a result of the study and analysis of medical records of thousands of patients, it was established that the director of the clinic and medical staff acted in bad faith, caused irreparable harm to the life and health of thousands of patients, and contributed to the illegal and uncontrolled trafficking of potent psychotropic drugs in the country.

It should be noted that all three institutions have the same owner and common medical staff. The activities of these clinics were limited only to the illegal prescription of psychotropic drugs.

The Professional Development Council of the Ministry of Health revoked state certificates from 3 doctors of the specified institution. Based on a request from the Agency for the Regulation of Medical and Pharmaceutical Activities, the court banned the activities of all three institutions, the head and three doctors,” notes the information released by the Ministry of Health of Georgia.

The case was sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, the prosecutor's office and the investigative service of the Ministry of Finance.