The Vivamedi clinic stated that it doubts the expediency of the continued stay of former President Mikheil Saakashvili in it and is going to address this issue to the penitentiary service of Georgia.

The clinic said in a statement that Saakashvili only agrees to symptomatic treatment, which he can receive in any other institution, and expresses no confidence in the medical staff.

“After October last year, the patient refuses the proposed course of treatment, especially if this or that drug or procedure has a positive effect on his subjective or objective data,” the clinic says, emphasizing that it does not want to bear “reputational losses”.

Saakashvili's lawyer called the statement of the clinic, where he has been staying since last May, "incomprehensible." “What does it mean - take him to another institution, where is this? In a colony, in a prison? In his condition, this will be a death sentence,” said Shalva Khachapuridze.

Saakashvili's family reported this week that his weight has dropped to 62 kilograms at a height of 195 cm. Earlier, the council of doctors under the Public Defender warned that at a weight of 52-53 kg the situation would become irreversible.