There is actually one serious opposition party in Georgia, the United National Movement, Saakashvili's party. His rating is twice as high as the rating of all other opposition parties together, - the former Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia, Vano Merabishvili, told the Ukrainian media.

He spoke about the elections of the chairman of the Natio­nal Movement and noted that the elections changed everything and the party became significantly more active.

"Early leadership elections were held in this party, because the former leadership of our party, to put it mildly, acted very passively, practically did not react either to the war in Ukraine or anything else. This is my subjective opinion. Very young, interesting people provoked early elections and the incumbent party chairman lost those elections, which were held electronically. Approximately 50,000 people registered electronically for the elections throughout Georgia. The chairman was defeated by a young man and if you observe everything has changed a lot. There are a lot of rallies taking place in Georgia, the party is being restored, because for many years the leaders of the United Natio­nal Movement not only did not try to protest anything, but sometimes they even tried not to develop the protests started spontaneously, to put it mildly. Now Everything has changed and I hope that in the coming months you will see a more real process, including on the street," Vano Merabishvili said.