According to the Metropolitan of Akhalkalaki, Kumurdo and Kari Nikoloz, the case of the poisoning of Metropolitan Shio, as well as the "cyanide case" were fabricated by journalists.

According to him, both of these cases are artificially invented.

“Metropolitan Shio feels great, and if someone poisoned him, then this killer is no good, but in general I think that he was not poisoned at all.

The cyanide case is also fabricated by journalists. In fact, there is no such thing as a "cyanide case". There was the same thing, a criminal case was initiated. Both of these are completely artificial things. Mamaladze was not tried for attempting to assassinate the patriarch, but he is accused of something else,” Metropolitan Nikoloz told reporters.

Recall that a number of media disseminated information about the poisoning of the Metropolitan of Senaki and Chkhorotsku, Bishop Shio Mujiri. Later, a statement was made in the Patriarchate on this matter.

According to the head of the public relations service of the Patriarchate of Georgia, Andria Jagmaidze, Shio Mujiri's blood test showed the content of heavy metals above the permissible norm.