Teliani Valley is ramping up its operations in the United States through partnerships with wine importing companies, Georgian House of Greater Washington and Palmateer Consulting LLC, to represent Teliani Vineyard across all states.

Since 2005, Teliani Valley has been showcasing its wines in the United States, actively engaging in marketing campaigns to promote Georgian wine. The U.S. remains a critical strategic export market for Teliani Valley. The assortment available in the American market is carefully selected to appeal to local wine consumers, offering both classic and traditional Georgian wines, including those made in kvevri.

Georgian House of Greater Washington has partnered with Teliani Valley since 2005. Recognizing the significance of the U.S. as the largest wine market, with a vast selection of international wines and intense competition, Teliani Valley made an additional investment in 2023 to bolster its wine exports. This led to the addition of Palmateer Consulting LLC as a new partner. The contract with Palmateer Wine Group facilitates the efficient distribution of Georgian wine throughout the states.

To support this expansion, Teliani Valley established a warehouse in California, aiming to increase sales and achieve comprehensive market coverage. Additionally, Gary Griggs, a seasoned expert in the wine industry, has joined the Teliani Valley team in the U.S. "Our main task is to select distributors with the resources and capability to best represent Teliani Valley wine in the states and enhance its availability. We see significant potential for Georgian wine and believe Teliani Valley will become a market leader, achieving our goals. We are actively working with local distributors to promote Georgian wine," says Gary Griggs, Vice President of Sales for Teliani Valley in the United States.

Teliani Valley wines are now presented in America under the updated name Teliani Vineyards, with refreshed packaging. The label design was revised in consultation with local experts, involving both American and Georgian agencies to update the visuals.

Teliani Vineyards offers five types of Georgian wines in the American market: Amber Blend, Saperavi, Tsolikauri, Kindzmarauli, and Saperavi Selection.

With these developments, Teliani Valley aims to double its sales in 2024. The winery continues to support the promotion and growth of Georgian wine through active marketing campaigns.