Mineralgroup, a company focused on producing natural juice and mineral water, has announced its latest product, Water by the Glass.

With the help of the "Startaper" program by TBC and an investment of 500,000 GEL, Mineralgroup opened a new enterprise in the Borjomi valley, where the water and juice production is taking place. The unique aspect of the Water by the Glass is its packaging. Unlike traditional bottled water, it is presented in a glass, which is not yet available in the Georgian market.

Zaur Latsabidze, the founder and general director of Mineralgroup, said that the "Startuper" program played a significant role in implementing the idea. The factory in Nine Oaks, located in the Borjomi valley, has a daily production capacity of 100,000 glasses of water. The water is sourced from an 87-meter well and is treated with technical filters to preserve its natural mineral and taste properties.

The company also plans to expand its juice production next year and introduce Bag in Box form, along with glass. In addition, Mineralgroup is working on a new project to create a fruit processing enterprise that will encourage local gardeners and motivate the district.

Mineralgroup is also focusing on expanding its export market. The company has already sent juice samples to Israel and is in talks with the United Kingdom. The company's founder notes that while they are exploring the global market, they also want to expand their local production.

With their commitment to natural and high-quality products, Mineralgroup's Water by the Glass is sure to be a refreshing choice for consumers.