Tourist trails will be arranged between Turtle Lake and Vake Park. As the Mayor of Tbilisi Kakha Kaladze stated today at the meeting of the government of the capital, the mentioned project was given as a gift by the "Kartu" Foundation to the municipality.

"The charity foundation "Kartu" presented a very important project to the municipality as a gift, which aims to arrange tourist trails between Kus Lake and Vaki Park. A modern, high-standard project has already been prepared, which is part of the urban forest development plan of Tbilisi. The project envisages the arrangement of bicycle and pedestrian paths equipped with special infrastructure, which will contribute to the emergence of new opportunities for ecotourism. The bicycle path will be arranged according to the document of the International Mountain Bicycle Federation, and the footpath - according to the national regulations", said the mayor and presented the relevant visual material to the public.

According to him, similar projects are very popular abroad.

According to the mayor, natural materials will be used as much as possible in the process of arranging the paths, and the change of terrain and environment will be minimized with iron and concrete covering.

"Since pedestrians often use the Turtle Lake Driveway, this project will improve their safety as well. We will also organize picnic areas in the territory", Kakha Kaladze said.

According to the mayor, the tender will be announced in the near future.